LotusScript/REXX Integration

This appendix provides an overview of REXX integration in the LotusScript® language.

When you use LotusScript in OS/2, you can use the LTSRXO10.DLL LSX to invoke applications written in the REXX (the OS/2 Procedures Language, 2/REXX). LotusScript and REXX integration allows LotusScript to send values to a REXX application and use REXX funtionality to manipulate the return value. When you use LotusScript and REXX together, line items take the form of function-type calls. For example, you can execute a single REXX statement using REXXFunction or execute an external REXX command file with REXXCmd.

For complete information on REXX and LotusScript integration, see the online help available when you are using LotusScript in OS/2.