Creating computed text

About this task

You can use computed text to generate dynamic text based on formula results.


  1. Move the cursor to where you want the computed text to appear.
  2. Choose Create - Computed Text.
  3. In the Programmer's pane, click the Objects tab of the Info List and select Value (located under Computed Text).
  4. Write a formula whose value displays the text for the page.

Example: Computed text

About this task

To personalize the message a user sees on a page or form, create computed text that displays the user's name.

On the page or form, enter the text:

Welcome <computed text>.

Select Value (located under Computed Text on the Objects tab of the Info List).

In the Script area, enter the formula:


If the user's name is Sara Ryan/Acme, when she opens the page or form she will see:

Welcome Sara Ryan.

Note: Domino® publishes a <span> tag around the computed text for access via JavaScript™.