Creating sections

About this task

Use sections to group and organize elements on a page or form. Sections work well to present large amounts of information in an uncluttered way. For example, if you have two different procedures on a page, and users only need to see one at a time, you can put each procedure into a collapsible section so that the users can expand only the section that they need.

To create a section


  1. Open the page or form.
  2. Highlight the text, graphics, and other elements to include in the section.
  3. Choose Create - Section.

To format a section


  1. Select the section and choose Section - Section Properties.
  2. On the Section Title and Border tab, you can:
    • Enter a title for the section. Titles can be either text or a formula.
    • Select the border style. The border appears around the section.
    • Select a border color.
  3. On the Expand/Collapse tab:
    • Select options for showing the section expanded or collapsed depending on whether a document is being previewed, opened for reading, opened for editing, or printed.
    • Select "Hide title when expanded" if users don't need to see the section title when the fields are displayed.
    • Select "Show as text when not previewing" so that the user sees the section only when the document is being previewed. If the document is being printed or is opened for reading or editing, the user sees the text with no visible sign that the text is contained in a section.

To delete a section


Select the section and choose Section - Remove Section.