Adding OLE custom controls to a form

To create an OLE custom control object


  1. In a rich text field or on a form, choose Create - Object.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Select "Create new Object." In the Object type list, choose a custom control. The custom controls have starburst icons next to them.
    • Select "Create new Control." In the Object type list, choose a custom control.
  3. Click OK.

    Notice after you embed a custom control that the properties for the control appear in the Programmer's pane. By default these properties are listed alphabetically. The number of properties available depends on what the specific control supports. Some controls will support dozens of properties, others just a few. You will always see at least the standard eight Notes® properties while in a form.


Tip: Use the "Remove Control from List" and "Add Control to List" buttons to maintain the list of custom controls that display in the Object type box.
Note: Some custom controls do not display in the Create Object dialog box. You cannot use this method to insert these controls. Instead, use LotusScript® to insert them because these types of controls do not support a user interface and are only programmable.

To access an existing control, select it.

When a custom control is active, the Help menu is a combination of Domino® Designer (File and Applet) and the custom control. The control may include one menu item for itself -- for example, "Spreadsheet" for a spreadsheet control -- and Help. The control's Help is substituted for Designer Help.

Use the Applet menu choice to:

  • Copy and cut the entire object. (Use the Edit menu to copy and cut selected text in the object.)
  • Access Notes properties for the control, including the name of the control.
  • Access the control's own properties.
  • Set the control's mode.
  • Freeze and unfreeze the control's events.

If a control is active when you embed it in a form, a list of properties and event appears in the Info List of the Programmer's pane. You can attach scripts to these events.