DomQuery utility

The DomQuery command line utility is shipped with the Domino® server and is used to compose and tune queries. Running it with the explain(-e) flag is instrumental in understanding and optimizing DQL syntax and how queries are processed.

DomQuery neither fetches from nor makes updates to data in NSF files. It is solely useful to author and optimize queries.

To use DomQuery, use the load domquery command at the server console with the following flags. (Linux® and AIX® require domquery to be lower case).
  • -f [DBName] data directory relative path, REQUIRED
  • -q [double quoted string query] query string - either this or -z file REQUIRED
  • -z [QueryFile path] full path to a file containing query syntax queries delimited by #* at preceding line begin
  • -e Explain the nodes (query tree mode only)
  • -p Parse only (for testing)
  • -g Provide and output overall timing
  • -v [MaxEntries] Maximum view entries to be scanned
  • -c [MaxDocsScanned] Maximum number of documents to be scanned
  • -m [Msecs] Maximum milliseconds to execute
  • -x Exit on error (-z file case)
  • -j No view processing performed (only NSF document scan and FT)
  • -o [Output Report File path] full path to a file to which output will be written