Design catalog

For high speed access to internal information about views and view columns, DQL processing uses design data extracted from view notes. In this release, this information is stored in a new database, is created using new updall flags. It does not replicate and is solely used as a fast-path tool to access design data at runtime. Further, its design and data within it are proprietary and volatile so access and updating by any other entity than the local Domino server is not supported.

Once any database has been catalogued, DQL queries will operate without a design catalog. Only the <'View or folder name'>.<Columnname> syntax fail. All other syntax function but there will be no view access and all terms are satisfied utilizing NSF scanning.

However, DQL processing is greatly enhanced by having design data in the catalog. To create and update its data, the updall -e and -d options are used. From the Domino console, enter the following commands:
load updall <database path> -e
load updall <database path> -d

where -e adds a database to the design catalog and -d updates the design data stored for a database. If <database path> is omitted, all databases under the data directory are added to the design catalog. Adding all databases is not recommended as it is a rather large superset of the applications that need to run DQL.

There is no automatic invocation of -e or -d updall options. If you change your view design or add a view, you must run updall -d for the changes to be known by DQL. If becomes corrupt, updall -e creates it anew.