LS2J limitations

There are a few limitations with LS2J:

  • You may not delete a Variant containing a JavaClass object.
  • There are some data type limitations (see Data type mappings).
  • LotusScript® property names are case insensitive, but Java property names are case sensitive. If two Java properties are the same except for their case, use the GetProperty and GetValue or SetValue methods to access the correct property. Similarly, LotusScript® method names are case insensitive, and Java method names are case sensitive. Java methods may also be overloaded; that is, they may differ only by parameter type. If two Java methods are the same except for their case, or except for their parameter type, use the GetMethod and Invoke methods to access the correct method. See Invoking a method in a Java object. Java method calls are limited to twelve parameters.
  • LotusScript® can access all Java values and classes; however, there is no mechanism for Java to access LotusScript® objects directly. LotusScript® calls to Java script libraries are limited to native Java, and can not include calls to the LotusScript® back end.