Integer division operator (LotusScript® Language)

Performs integer division on two numbers and returns the result.


numExpr1 \ numExpr2


numExpr1, numExpr2

Any numeric expressions. An EMPTY operand is considered a 0.

Return value

The result is of data type Integer, Long, or Variant of type Integer or Long.

If either or both operands are NULL expressions, the result is a NULL.


LotusScript® rounds the value of each operand to an Integer or Long value. Then numExpr1 is divided by numExpr2 as an ordinary numerical division; and any fractional part of the result is dropped.


This example contrasts ordinary division with integer division. Integer division rounds, divides, and then drops the fractional part. Because the operands are rounded before division, the result may differ from the integer part of an ordinary division operation.

Print 8 / 5                      ' Prints 1.6
Print 8 \ 5                      ' Prints 1
Print 16.9 / 5.6                 ' Prints 3.01785714285714
Print 16.9 \ 5.6                 ' Prints 2