Constants in LotusScript®

A constant names a location in memory that contains a value that is known at compile time and cannot be changed while the application is running. In less formal terms, a constant is a named fixed value. Constants are defined in the following ways:

  • By LotusScript®, internally. These constants are built into the language and are always available to an application.
  • By LotusScript®, in the file LSCONST.LSS. These constants are available in a module only when the module explicitly includes the file in which they are defined.
  • By LotusScript®, in the file LSPRVAL.LSS. These constants contain information about a thread.
  • By an individual product, internally or in a file that that product makes available. The file in which these constants are defined may or may not have to be included explicitly in the module in which you want to use them.
  • By the application developer, in an application module or in a file that you explicitly include in a module.

The value of a constant is actually compiled into the object code. If you want to change the value of a particular constant, all modules that use that constant must be recompiled.