Comments and the compiler directive

Comments are not executed. These include any source text preceded on a line by the comment marker apostrophe ('), the text in a Rem statement, and the text enclosed between the compiler directives %Rem and %End Rem. The LotusScript® compiler reads and discards these.

The compiler directive %Include directs the compiler to replace the directive by other text before continuing to compile. The compiler directive %If directs the compiler to select or omit text contained within the scope of the directive, replacing the directive by the selected text. The result of the replacement based on %Include or %If is compiled as if it appeared in the original script. The flow of execution in the compiled result follows the same rules as the flow of execution in the rest of the script.

Note: %if is not directly supported in all products (for example, Notes®). You cannot enter %if directly in the IDE. You must enter this directive in a file and insert the file in the IDE with the %Include directive.