Writing scripts and formulas for actions

An action is a formula, LotusScript, JavaScript, or simple (no programming) procedure that you can associate with a view, form, subform, or page. You can create a standard action, an action with subactions, a shared action, or insert system actions that are supplied with Notes.

If you create a standard action, when you open the view or page, or open a document based on the form, the action becomes available as a menu command under Actions and/or as a button on an action bar. If you create an action with subactions, the parent action is not programmable but appears as a button with a drop-down arrow on the action bar. Each programmable subaction displays in a drop-down list when the parent action is clicked. If you select Actions from the menu, the parent action appears as a menu command and when given focus, displays a list of the available subactions.

Note: Subactions are new with Release 6.

You can insert the standard system actions, which include action buttons that perform basic functions such as forwarding, editing, or sending a document. Additionally, you can create and insert a shared action that you can reuse in several different design elements. This enables you to make any updates or enhancements to the action's code in one place and it is automatically updated in all the elements that use it.

You can conditionally suppress availability of an action on the menu or action bar with a "Hide action if formula is true" formula. @Commands are not allowed in hide formulas.

Actions run on the user's workstation.