Programming in IBM Domino Designer

Formula, LotusScript, Java, and JavaScript code provide an integral programming interface to Domino Designer. You attach code to various design elements depending on need. For example, if you create a computed field on a form, you would attach a formula to compute the value of the field. Or you could attach JavaScript code to the onFocus event of a field; this code would execute whenever a user places focus on the field. Or you might decide to create a formula, LotusScript, or Java agent to automatically update all the documents in a database at scheduled times.

Domino Designer provides a programming interface to development environments that support COM and OLE. Domino Designer provides a programming interface for Java applications and applets. Java applications and applets can operate locally by accessing installed Domino software or remotely by connecting to a Domino server using CORBA with IIOP protocols.

The Overview -- applications and databases and database management sections of the Application Development with Domino Designer book provide guidelines, templates, and examples for the common cases where you use code. For these cases, you do not have to learn how to program. Beyond these cases, refer to this manual for complete guidelines and reference material for programming in Domino Designer.