Users cannot access the database

Users may not be able to access databases for the following reasons.

The server storing the database is temporarily down

Check with the Domino® administrator and tell users that when the database is expected to be available again.

Users don't have the appropriate access

Check the database access control list (ACL) to make sure that users have the necessary access to the database. Check with the Domino® administrator to ensure that users have access to the Domino® server that stores the database.

For more information on user access, see The database access control list. For more information on server access, see Domino® Administrator Help.

Server backup is occurring during work hours

Users may be unable to access a server that is being backed up during work hours because a full backup may require significant disk I/O capacity. Ask the Domino® administrator to schedule backups to occur overnight, if possible.

Use a Domino® 6-compliant backup program so users can access databases on a server that is being backed up. Users can make changes to databases as a backup occurs because Domino® provides a point-in-time image of the database, beginning with the time the database backup starts.

The server is continuously updating a full-text index

If a database is large and active, database performance can be slow if the server updates a full-text index too frequently. Change the full-text index update frequency if necessary.

For more information on update frequency, see Domino® Administrator Help.