Using Find Note to analyze a document reported in the log file

You can use the Find Note dialog box in the Domino® Administrator to analyze a document reported in the log file. If the log file reports a problem with a document, you can display the properties for the document to help you to troubleshoot the problem. For example, you can use Find Note to review the document properties for a document that cannot replicate.

  1. Copy or write down the hexadecimal Note ID (for example, NT201B2) of the document reported in the log file to the Clipboard. You may also troubleshoot using the universal Note ID (UNID), a unique identifier used to locate the same document across database replicas.
  2. In the Server list, select the server that stores the database that contains the reported document.
  3. Click the Files tab and select the database that stores the reported document.
  4. Choose Tools - Database - Find Note.
  5. Select one:
    • by Note ID
    • by Universal Note ID (UNID)
  6. Paste or enter the Note ID or UNID from Step 1 into the ID field.
  7. Click Find.
  8. View the document details and properties in the Fields and Properties fields.

For more information about determining the Note ID for a document, see Attaching signatures to documents Database.