Unexpected deletions occur in a replica

Check these replication settings by choosing File - Replication - Settings in the Notes® client:

  • On the Advanced panel under "Receive these elements from other replicas," deselect "Deletions" to prevent a database from receiving deletions made in other replicas.
  • On the Send panel, deselect "Send deletions made in this replica to other replicas" to prevent a database from sending deletions.

Unexpected deletions may also occur for the following reasons.

There is a new replication formula in place

A new replication formula overrides previous formulas and removes documents that don't match the formula.

A replication setting is automatically removing older, unmodified documents

The replication setting "Remove documents not modified in the last [ ] days" removes older, unmodified documents. If the specified number of days is low, consider increasing the value. This option is on the Space Saver panel when you choose File - Replication - Settings dialog box in the Notes® client.