Database replicas are different sizes

Database replicas may be different sizes for the following reasons:

Replication settings

Some replication settings cause one replica to receive only a subset of documents and features from another replica.

Access Control List

The ACL prevents a replica from receiving all documents or design elements from a source server replica.

Read ACL or Reader Names fields

A destination server isn't included in a Read ACL or Reader Names field and therefore doesn't receive all documents from a source server replica.

View indexes

A view is used in one replica but not in another, and the replica containing the unused view is smaller because no index is built for the unused view.

Private agents or personal views or folders

If these features are used on one replica, but not on another, there can be a size disparity between the replicas.

Deletions are not replicated

Check these replication settings by choosing File - Replication - Settings in the Notes® client:

  • On the Advanced panel, make sure that the Deletions option under "Replicate incoming" is not selected.
  • On the Send panel, make sure that the "Do not send deletions made in this replica to other replicas" option is selected.

Unused space

One replica has been compacted while another has not been compacted.