Example of using an agent that sends announcements

About this task

Consider that you are designing a Corporate Announcements database to which managers want to send notices for important announcements. To circulate particular announcements, managers select them from the view and then select the agent that sends notices.


  1. To prevent non-managers from running this agent, deselect "Create private agents" in the database access control list for all users except those with Manager access.
  2. Select the Corporate Announcements database and choose Create - Agent.
  3. Give the agent the name "Mail announcements" and select Shared.
  4. Select "On event" as the trigger.
  5. Select "Agent list selection" from the list.
  6. Select "All selected documents" as the Target.
  7. Close the Agent Properties box.
  8. Highlight Action in the Object list and click "Add Action."
  9. From the Action list, select "Send Newsletter Summary."
  10. In the To box, type:
    All Personnel

    ("All Personnel" is a group in the Domino® Directory.)

  11. In the Subject box, type:
    Important Announcements
  12. In the Body box, type:
    Please note the following new announcements:
  13. Check "Include summary for each document in view" and click OK.
  14. Close and save the agent.