Trigger (NotesAgent - LotusScript®)

Read-only. Indicates when this agent runs.

Note: This property is new with Release 5.

Defined in


Data type

Boolean or Constant of type integer


To get: flagIntegerConstant = notesAgent. Trigger


This property corresponds to the Trigger options in the Runtime section of the Agent Properties box.

This property determines the target possibilities. The TRIGGER_AFTER_MAIL_DELIVERY, TRIGGER_BEFORE_MAIL_DELIVERY, TRIGGER_DOC_PASTED, and TRIGGER_DOC_UPDATE triggers have only one target, which returns TARGET_NONE.

Legal values

For the "On event" Trigger option:

  • TRIGGER_AFTER_MAIL_DELIVERY (2) means "After new mail has arrived"
  • TRIGGER_BEFORE_MAIL_DELIVERY (6) means "Before new mail arrives"
  • TRIGGER_DOC_PASTED (3) means "When documents are pasted"
  • TRIGGER_DOC_UPDATE (5) means "After documents are created or modified"
  • TRIGGER_MANUAL (4) means "Action menu selection" or "Agent list selection"
  • TRIGGER_SERVERSTART (8) means "When the Domino® server starts"
  • TRIGGER_NONE (0) is not used

For the "On schedule" Trigger option:

  • TRIGGER_SCHEDULED (1) means "More than once a day," "Daily," "Weekly," "Monthly," or "Never"