Target (NotesAgent - LotusScript®)

Read-only. Indicates which documents on which this agent acts.

Note: This property is new with Release 5.

Defined in


Data type

Boolean or Constant of type integer


To get: flagIntegerConstant = notesAgent. Target


This property corresponds to the Target option in the Runtime section of the Agent Properties box. The trigger limits the target possibilities. The TARGET_NONE targets are the only possibilities for their corresponding triggers.

Legal values

  • TARGET_ALL_DOCS (1) means "All documents in database"
  • TARGET_ALL_DOCS_IN_VIEW (5) means "All documents in view"
  • TARGET_NEW_DOCS (2) is not used
  • TARGET_NEW_OR_MODIFIED_DOCS (3) means "All new & modified documents"
  • TARGET_NONE (0) means "Each incoming mail document," "Newly received mail documents," "Newly modified documents," or "Pasted documents"
  • TARGET_SELECTED_DOCS (4) means "All selected documents"
  • TARGET_UNREAD_DOCS_IN_VIEW (6) means "All unread documents in view"
  • TARGET_RUN_ONCE (8) means "None"
    Note: This constant is new with Release 5.01.