Domino® @functions that are not supported on the Web

The following groups of @functions are not supported in Web applications or are supported differently than they are in Domino® applications.





Available only with the syntax @DbCommand("Domino®";"ViewNextPage") and @DbCommand ("Domino®";"ViewPreviousPage") to create a link to the next/previous page in a view. Not available in other contexts.

@DDEExecute @DDEInitiate @DDEPoke @DDETerminate

@DocMark @DeleteDocument

@DocChildren @DocDescendants @DocLevel @DocNumber @DocParentNumber @DocSiblings

Not available except in column formulas.

@IsCategory @IsExpandable @Responses

@DialogBox @PickList @Prompt @IsModalHelp


@Environment @SetEnvironment ENVIRONMENT keyword

Use predefined field names to gather information about the Web user's environment by requesting Common Gateway Interface (CGI) environment variables.


@Domain @MailDbName @MailEncryptSavedPreference @MailEncryptSendPreference @MailSavePreference @MailSignPreference



@Unique @URLGetHeader @URLHistory


@Platform for user's platform.

Returns server's platform only. Use @ClientType to distinguish between Web and Domino® users.