Storing HTML in a field

About this task

To pass HTML directly to the browser and force Domino® to disregard all other fields, add a field named HTML to the form. The field can be computed or editable, but editable is preferable if you want to change the HTML on a per-document basis. Use a text field if the HTML text is less than 15K; otherwise, use a rich text field. Enter the HTML code as the field value in the Script area of the Programmer's pane or enter the HTML in the field of the document you create using the form. Using HTML in a field is similar to enabling the form property "Render pass through HTML in Notes®," but converts only the field value to HTML, so you can keep fields for Notes® users on the same form. Web users see the HTML information when they read documents, but they do not see the HTML information when they edit documents.


  1. Create a field named HTML.
  2. Select Value or Default Value in the Programmer's pane objects list.
  3. Optional: Write the HTML code in the script area if you want to present the same HTML code for every document created with the form.
  4. Save the form.
  5. Optional: Create a document based on the form. In the editable HTML field, write the code you want to display with this document.