RoamingCleanupSetting (NotesRegistration - LotusScript®)

Read-write. Indicates the clean-up process for data on Notes® clients set up for roaming users.

Note: This property is new with Release 6.5.

Defined in


Data type

Constant of type Integer


To get: integer% = notesRegistration .RoamingCleanupSetting

To set: notesRegistration . RoamingCleanupSetting = integer%

Legal values

  • REG_ROAMING_CLEANUP_AT_SHUTDOWN (2) indicates that roaming data is deleted upon Notes® shutdown.
  • REG_ROAMING_CLEANUP_EVERY_NDAYS (1) indicates that roaming data is deleted every so many days as specified by RoamingCleanupPeriod.
  • REG_ROAMING_CLEANUP_NEVER (0) (default) indicates that roaming data is never deleted.
  • REG_ROAMING_CLEANUP_PROMPT (3) indicates that a user is prompted upon exiting Notes®. The user can choose an individual clean-up or not. The user can also decline being prompted in the future.


Optionally set this property before calling RegisterNewUser.

IsRoamingUser must be True.