RegisterNewCertifier (NotesRegistration - LotusScript®)

Creates a certifier ID and optionally adds it to a Domino® Directory.

Defined in



variant = notesRegistration .RegisterNewCertifier( organization$, idfile$ [, certpw$ [, country$ ]] )



String. The organization to which the new certifier ID belongs.


String. The ID file to be created; specify the full path; for example, c:\notes\data\


String. A password for the certifier ID file.


String. A value for the country field in the Domino® Directory record.


Before calling this method, set CertifierIDFile, Expiration, IDType, and MinPasswordLength. Expiration defaults to 100 years from now for organizations and organizational units, and cannot be changed for organizations.

Note: The expiration default is new with Release 6.0.3.

Set UpdateAddressBook True to add a Certifier record to the Domino® Directory. Set StoreIDInAddressBook True to attach the ID to the Domino® Directory record. These operations can be performed separately with AddCertifierToAddressBook.

Set OrgUnit to add an organizational unit to the ID name.

Optionally set IsNorthAmerican and RegistrationLog.

This method acts on the Domino® Directory (names.nsf) for the server specified by RegistrationServer, or names.nsf in the local Domino® data directory if this property is not set.