Exploring the Java interface in the Programmer's pane

Java programming can be done in the Programmer's pane of an agent or a script library.

Interface element


Classes tab

Lists all classes being used in the agent.

Compile button

Compiles the current class, or the entire agent.

Edit Project button

Allows you to add resource, class, source or archive files to an agent project. It can also be used to include a Script Library on the class path.

Export button

Exports the code from an agent to a Java source file.

Java Debug Console

Displays the output generated by your Java programming in a separate task. Choose Tools - Show Java Debug Console.

New Class button

Creates a space for a new class in the Script area.

Objects tab

Lists all of the objects and events available for programming Java agents.

Note: The Objects tab is new with Release 6.

When Imported Java is selected from the Run menu, the Programmer's pane does not include the Edit Project, New Class, Export, and Compile buttons. The Programmer's pane includes the following features for Imported Java.

Interface element


Base class box

Allows you to enter the base class of the current agent. If you import class files, the base class is displayed here.

Import Class Files button

Imports Java class files into an agent.