Exploring the Programmer's pane

The Programmer's pane is located in Domino Designer following the Work pane, or by itself in some design elements and resources such as agents and shared fields. The Programmer's pane is context-sensitive and may change slightly depending on the programming language you select.

For information about developing design elements see Overview -- applications and databases.

The Programmer's pane consists of the following main components.

Interface element


Errors box

Displays compile-time errors for LotusScript and Java.

Help button

Launches Domino Designer 6 Help from the Programmer's pane. Located on the Reference tab. Same as F1 or Help - Context Help.

Info list

Contains the Objects and Reference tabs.

Objects tab

Lists all of the objects and events available for programming in the current context.

Paste button

Pastes selected information into the Script area. CTRL+V is a shortcut.

Paste full text check box

If selected, pastes the syntax of an event, method, or property from the Reference tab into the Script area when you click the Paste button.

Reference list

Allows you to see and select reference information.

Reference tab

Lists reference information and syntax.

Run menu

Enables you to select the desired programming environment (Client or Web) and language (Formula, Simple action(s), LotusScript, JavaScript, Imported Java, and Java). It displays only the environments and languages available for the current design state. You can choose to use the same JavaScript for both environments by selecting the option Common JavaScript.

Note: Using the Run menu to select a programming environment is new with Release 6.

Script area

Provides a space to write and compile all recognized programming languages.

Title bar

Displays the title of the design element that the programming language is attached to. Double-click here to maximize or minimize the Programmer's pane (does not change for Agents).