Examples of restricting who can read or edit specific documents

The following examples illustrate how to use Readers fields and Authors fields.

Adding a Readers field to a form

To ensure that employees can read only their own Employee Information documents. Create a computed-when-composed Readers field named AuthorizedReader that uses this formula:


To add additional authorized readers, create a read access list in the Document Properties box for individual documents.

Adding an Authors field to a form

To use an Authors field on a Slide Show form to let the Production group edit documents, and to save and display the original author's name for each, you create two fields.

To display the creator's name, create a computed-when-composed field called CreatedBy and use the formula:


To allow the Production group to edit Slide Show documents, create a computed Authors field and use the formula:


Allowing authors to add other names

To let authors and editors customize the Authors list, create an editable Authors field that uses "View access control list dialog" to present choices, and select "Allow multi-values" for the field.