Controlling access to a database during design

About this task

Every database has an access control list (ACL) that defines who has access to the database and describes the activities they can perform. While you are designing the database, strictly limit access so that only you and other designers have access to the database. When the database is ready to be released, you can adjust access control settings to provide general access to the application.

When you create a database, you are assigned as the Manager of that database by default. This gives you complete access rights. You can then designate others as designers so they can contribute to the design.

To keep a database private during development


  1. Select the database and choose File - Replication - Settings.
  2. Click Other and select "Temporarily disable replication."
  3. Click OK.
  4. Choose File - Database - Properties and click the Design tab.
  5. Deselect "List in Database Catalog."
  6. Deselect "Show in 'Open Database' Dialog."


For more information on access control, see The database access control list.