Examples: DXL output for a button element

The following text file excerpt represents the DXL output for a hotspot button on a document.

The See Also section lists the elements that are illustrated in DXL format in this example.

Note that the attributes for each element are listed within the angle brackets of the element's opening tag. The location of the element's closing tag illustrates the containment hierarchy of the element. For example, the tags for the button element encompass the font tag. This indicates that the font details for the text on the button are contained by the button element.

<pardef id="4" align="none" leftmargin="0%" spaceafter="1.5" keeptogether="true" /> 
<par def="4"> 
	Here's a hot button, labeled "Hot": 
	<button width="2in" widthtype="maximum" wraptext="true" edge="rounded" 		bgcolor="green" extrahtmlattrs="cols=10 rows=2"> 
		<font size="14pt" style="italic" name="Courier New" color="red" />