Core entities

The following are core entities:

Entity name


<!ENTITY % binary "#PCDATA">

Encoded Base64 data as specified by MIME.*

<!ENTITY % boolean.choices "true|false">

<!ENTITY % boolean "(% boolean.choices;)">

Boolean choice*

Boolean (true or false) choice.*

<!ENTITY % dbid "CDATA">

Identifier for a database.*

<!ENTITY % float "CDATA">

Floating point value.*

<!ENTITY % hex "CDATA">

Hexadecimal value, or Base 16 number represenation made up of the digits 0-9, plus the letters a-f to represent digits with values of 10-15.*

<!ENTITY % integer "CDATA">

Integer, or whole number.

<!ENTITY % noteid "CDATA">

4-8 character hex identifier for a note.

<!ENTITY % number "CDATA">


<!ENTITY % replicaid "CDATA">

Identifier for a replicated database.*

<!ENTITY % string "CDATA">

String that must not be translated into another natural language.

<!ENTITY % tstring "CDATA">

String that can be translated into another natural language.*

<!ENTITY % tokens "CDATA">

Attribute that can have zero or more token values separated by spaces. This entity differs from the NMTOKENS attribute type only in that it can be empty while NMTOKENS cannot be.*

<!ENTITY % unid "CDATA">

32-character hex identifier for a document

<!ENTITY % uri "CDATA">

Uniform Resource Identifier. URIs are short strings used to refer to objects (mostly) on the Web. URLs and relative URLs are the most common types of URIs.*

Note: *These entities are new with Release 6.