Enabling subscriptions

Subscriptions work in conjunction with the Headlines database. The Headlines database enables users to stay informed of current events both within their company and on the Web by subscribing to databases that are of interest to them and then receiving notification when a posting meets their subscription profile.

When you design a database to enable it for subscriptions, consider the following:

  • The database must reside on a server that allows subscription monitoring. The Domino® administrator must enable subscriptions in the Server document. See Administering the Domino® System for more information on enabling subscriptions at the server level.
  • The database must enable headline monitoring. This is enabled by default on the Advanced tab of the Database Properties box.
  • The database must have a default view specified. For more information on specifying a default view, see the topic "Default views" in the chapter "Designing Views."
  • (Optional) The database can contain a subscription form. You can design one yourself or copy the subscription form from the HEADLINES.NSF database in the Notes® client. To copy the subscription form from the headlines database to your database, see the topic "To copy an individual design element" earlier in this chapter. If you are creating a new subscription form, you must use a formula field. For more information on formula fields, see the topic "Formula fields" in the chapter "Designing Fields."