Creating a navigator

About this task

If you can't copy and paste a navigator that is similar to the one you need, create a new navigator.


  1. Select Shared Elements - Navigators in the Applications Navigator.
  2. Double-click Navigators.
  3. Click "New Navigator."
  4. Give the navigator a name that describes its use and click OK.
  5. Select File-Properties or press Alt-Enter.
  6. To use the navigator in a Web application, select "Web browser compatible."
  7. Optional: Choose an initial view or folder to open along with the navigator.
  8. Optional: Select "Auto adjust panes at runtime" so that users won't have to manually resize a navigator that doesn't fit a window.
  9. Click the navigator window.
  10. Use the Create menu or the SmartIcons bar to draw objects or paste objects from the clipboard.
  11. Click each object and choose Design - Object Properties to assign a name and style.
  12. In the Programmer's pane, select a Run option and assign actions to each object. Run options specify what happens when users click the object.
    • Select Simple action to choose a predefined automation, such as Open a View.
    • Select Formula to define an action using the formula language.
    • Select Script to define an action using LotusScript®.
  13. Close and save the navigator.

To edit a navigator


  1. Open the navigator in Domino® Designer.
  2. Choose Design - Navigator Properties and make changes as needed.
  3. Optional: To change any object, click on the object, select Design - Object Properties, and make changes as needed.