Collecting documents by searching in Java classes

FTSearch, FTSearchRange and Search in Database, and unprocessedFTSearch, unprocessedFTSearchRange, and unprocessedSearch in AgentContext return a DocumentCollection object containing documents that match a search query. FTSearch in DatabaseCollection refines a DocumentCollection so that only documents that match a search query are retained. FTSearch in View and FTSearch in ViewEntryCollection do the same for those objects. Use FTDomainSearch to search a domain.

For FTSearch, unprocessedFTSearch, and unprocessedFTSearchRange, the search query is a string that meets the Notes® rules for full-text search queries, requiring that a search entity be a single word or multiple words enclosed in quotes (escape the quotes in string constants). Search entities can include ? and * wildcards, and can be combined by ! (not), & (and), and | (or) operators. For the complete syntax rules, see "Refining a search query using operators" in Notes® Help. Search for "query syntax" in the Domino® Designer Eclipse help system or information center (for example,, both of which include Notes®.

For search and unprocessedSearch, the search query is a Domino® formula.

A database does not have to be full-text indexed for FTSearch, unprocessedFTSearch, and unprocessedFTSearchRange to work, but the search is slower. Use updateFTIndex to create or update a full-text index. Use isFTIndexed to test for the existence of an index.