Accessing Domino® sessions

The Session class is the root of the Domino® Objects containment hierarchy, providing access to the other Domino® objects, and represents the Domino® environment of the current program.

For local calls, the Domino® environment is the local Domino® directory, which can belong to a server or a user. For remote (IIOP) calls, the Domino® environment is the server handling the remote requests.

You can:

  • Access session properties
  • Use environment variables
  • Access agents
  • Access international settings
  • Hash passwords

  • Lock documents and design elements

  • Work with time
  • Make a log
  • Make a newsletter
  • Represent a name
  • Represent a color

  • Work with streams of data
  • Build a note collection

The Session class also contains the following methods for creating new Domino® objects:

  • createDateRange
  • createDateTime
  • createLog
  • createName
  • createNewsletter
  • createRegistration
  • createRichTextParagraphStyle
  • createRichTextStyle
  • getDatabase
  • getDbDirectory
  • getURLDatabase