Tips for designing Web applications

Databases viewed from a Web browser may look somewhat different than they do when viewed from the Notes® client. Browsers render design elements with slight differences. Be sure to preview your database through each browser that will access it so that you can make adjustments to your design. Also, for databases that will be accessed through Web browsers, it is best to:

  • Make sure the database is in the Domino® Data directory or a subdirectory of the Data directory.
  • Add form actions. such as Create, Edit, and Save.

For more information, see "Actions" in the chapter "Automation in Applications" later in this book.

Refer to the appendix "Features to Avoid Using in Web Applications" later in this book.

  • Use additional @commands and/or create multiple buttons on a form by selecting the database property "Web access: Use JavaScript when generating pages."
  • Change from the Domino® software color palette to a web color palette to provide greater color fidelity on the Web. To change palettes, choose File - Preferences - User Preferences. Check "Use Web Palette" on the Advanced options list of the Basics page.
  • Set views, outline controls, action bars, and rich text fields to be displayed as Domino® applets when viewed with a browser.

For more information, see the topic "Domino® Applets."

For more information, see Setting up database access for Internet users.

Prevent users from accessing forms and views in a Web application by selecting the database property "Don't allow URL open."