Writing formulas for COL files

All formulas in a COL file must appear after all the column definition statements. A COL file can have only one FORMULASTART and FORMULAEND sequence. FORMULASTART must appear alone on a line before the first formula. FORMULAEND must appear alone on a line after the last formula. Each line of formulas between these keywords must end with a semicolon.


The following COL file is used to import a 1-2-3® .WK3 file that records a checkbook balance.

;COL file for checkbook worksheet
;Discovers checkbook errors
Define five columns of input
date: WKSCOL A
chknum: WKSCOL B
amount: WKSCOL C
deposits: WKSCOL F
withdrawals: WKSCOL G
balance: WKSCOL K
;Define one column to mark bounced checks
FIELD bounced:=@IF(balance<0,"Yes"; "No");

In this example, columns D, E, H, I, and J in the worksheet are not imported into the view.