Adding titles to columns

A title is optional text at the beginning of a column that helps users identify the type of information in the column. Assign a title using the Column Properties box. The title can be a static text label, such as "Subject" or "Date," or a message such as "Open a document below to see or change the schedule." To avoid cluttering the view, don't include titles for every column.

Omitting a title

If you leave the title blank, the column doesn't have any identifying text. Omit a title if the column is:

  • A responses-only column that indents response documents
  • A categorizing column for grouping related documents
  • Hidden (and designers don't need any identifying text when editing the view)
  • Not relevant to users
  • A column for displaying icons
Note: If users will be customizing the view, you can assign a column title, make the column editable, and click the option "Do not display title in column header" on the Column Styles properties box. This will suppress the display of the title in the view but display the title when the user chooses View - Customize.


  • Column titles can contain up to 80 characters in any combination of letters, numbers, and punctuation.
  • To change the font, size, or color of a column title, choose styles from the Title tab of the Column Properties box.
  • To allow long titles to wrap to several lines in Notes®, set the "Lines per heading" in the Style tab of the View Properties box to a number greater than 1.

    Note that long titles do not wrap on the Web. To prevent line wrap on the Web, specify 1 in the "Lines per heading" setting in the View Properties box. Domino® converts this setting to a NOWRAP HTML attribute. Specifying a number greater than 1 causes lines to wrap on the Web. The same guidelines are true for the "Lines per row" setting.

  • The number of characters that fit on one line depends on the font and size you select, as well as the width of the column. If a title is not set up to wrap to more than one line and the text is too long for the width of the column, the text is truncated.