What's New in HCL Docs

Find out about the features in recent releases of HCL Connections Docs.

What's new in HCL Docs 2.0.2

  • Rebranding
  • Updated the installation packages
  • Removed outdated images
  • Updated the Python requirements

What's new in HCL Docs 2.0.1

  • Product rebranding
  • All fixes delivered in Docs 2.0 CR3 iFix 009
  • A fix to resolve a Viewer Sanity Check issue

What's new in HCL Docs 2.0 CR3

  • Enabled Notification API of editing session start or end for 3rd party repository integration.
  • Watermark with real time information can be customized in File Preview of Document and Spreadsheet files.
  • Added Cell Protection support for 3rd party repository integration.
  • You can directly deploy Conversion server on Linux when installing HCL Docs
  • If you already have HCL Docs installed with Conversion server on Windows, you can migrate existing Conversion server from Windows to Linux.

What's new in HCL Docs 2.0 CR2

  • More APIs support to interact with objects in HCL Docs, for Spreadsheets editor and Documents editor.
  • HCL Docs can be embedded in other applications, with the following two modes
    • Adding ?mode=light to the document URL gives you a simplified toolbar.
    • Adding ?mode=compact shows only the current file editing interface, with the banner, menu bar, toolbar, or sidebar removed.
  • Enabled UI customization support.
  • The administrator can disable the copy function in Viewer by changing the configuration in viewer-config.json.

What's new in HCL Docs 2.0 CR1

  • New profile API is extended to show more user information in third-party integration.
  • The administrator can disable downloading and printing files from a Docs editor by changing configuration settings.

What's new in HCL Docs 2.0

  • Enabled Microsoft SQL server support.
  • Added integration support for products outside of HCL Connections.
  • New error report mechanism.
  • Load user configurations from cfg.properties files during installation.
  • Give users an option to supply web server url.
  • When installing viewer with HCL Docs, the snapshot cache is enabled to avoid the viewer-specific document conversion task and improve viewer performance. Therefore, mounting Docs storage on viewer servers is now required.
  • Enabled SSL connection support.