Creating multilevel lists in documents

Insert indented ordered lists or an outline that contains a document's section headings.


  1. From an open document, click the location that you want to insert the multilevel list.
  2. Click Format > Multilevel List.
  3. Click a thumbnail image to choose a preformatted style.

    Multilevel List window
    Tip: If you plan to use ordered headings in your document, choose a style that has headings in the thumbnail.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Perform one of the following actions as you type the list:
    • For a list that does not include headings, use the Tab key or Shift+Tab key to indicate the indent level for each item. The numbering symbol that corresponds with each level is automatically displayed.
    • For a list of headings, use the Select Style icon Select Style icon to indicate the heading level for each item. Both the numbering symbol and indent level that correspond with each heading level are automatically displayed.
      Note: The Select Style icon is not active during a co-editing session.

What to do next

Note: You can also apply the first level of a preformatted style to an existing list by typing the items from the beginning, selecting the items, and then clicking Format > Multilevel List. Then use the Enter and Tab keys to fill in the sub-levels. If you are working with headings, notice that pressing Enter after a heading results in a body text style for the next line, rather than the same style that results when you press Enter in a list that does not include headings.