HCL Docs infrastructure for Connections integration

In addition to Document Format Conversion Application, Editor Application, Editor Extension, Editor Proxy, Viewer Application, and Viewer Extension components, the HCL Docs server infrastructure must also contain a database server (DB2®, Oracle, or SQL Server). In addition, an HCL Connections infrastructure and an LDAP server must be installed and configured.

In this type of integration, you can select to install file viewing capability only, which involves the installation of the Viewer Application, Document Format Conversion Application, and Viewer Extension. For detailed instructions, see Installing only Viewer using the installer.
Note: Viewer-only installation from the HCL Docs 2.0 installation program is for Connections 5.0 CR3 and above, and Connections 5.5. If you have previously installed IBM File Viewer 1.0.7, uninstall it first, and then start the HCL Docs 2.0 installer.
The following layout chart represents the infrastructure for Connections integration that is detailed throughout this guide. The Server Information Worksheets section contains several worksheets that will assist you in installing the HCL Docs infrastructure.