Required software packages

This topic lists required packages for HCL Connections Docs, including the required packages and fix packs for IBM® WebSphere® Application Server. Update the package and file names for each component.

Before you download the software packages, make sure you understand the system requirements information.

To assist in installing, configuring, and creating profiles for WebSphere® Application Server, you can use IBM® Installation Manager.

Download the following software packages before beginning.

IBM® Installation Manager (Windows)

Download IBM® Installation Manager from the following URL:

Table 1. IBM® Installation Manager Packages

This table describes the IBM® Installation Manager package names

Package Name File Name
agent.installer.linux.gtk.x86 IIM_INSTALLPKG_LINUX, for example,
agent.installer.win32.win32.x86 IIM_INSTALLPKG_WINDOWS, for example,

IBM® WebSphere® V8.5.5/ IBM® HTTP Server (Linux)

HCL Docs 2.0 requires WebSphere and later versions. Find out how to download IBM® WebSphere® V8.5.5 and later fixes from the following URL:

HCL Docs 2.0(Multiplatform)

Download HCL Connections Docs from the HCL FlexNet portal.
Note: HCL Docs 2.0 CR2 supports WAS
Table 2. HCL Docs 2.0 Install Packages

This table describes the HCL Docs 2.0 install package.

Part Number Package Name File Name