Installing the HCL Docs components using the scripts

If you do not want to use the installer to install the components, you can use the scripts.

Each procedure has the following basic flow: 1. Extract the installation files 2. Configure the file 3. Run the installer.

Before starting the installations, you must extract the DOCS_INSTALLPKG_FILENAME .zip file (for example, and copy the native folder to each server. This folder contains the install packages for all of the HCL Docs components. The extraction steps for each component are as follows:
  1. Create the directory to which to copy
    • Linux: /opt/install/Docs
    • Windows: C:\install\Docs
  2. Linux only: Change permissions on the HCL Docs directory:

    chmod –R 755 /opt/install/Docs

  3. Copy the following file into the newly created directory:
  4. Open a terminal window for Linux or double-click the file for Windows.
  5. Extract the contents of to the directory.
    • Linux: Unzip -d /opt/install/
    • Windows: Extract files into C:\install\Docs
    Note: To install HCL Docs using the scripts, you only need the native folder after you extract the file.

At the beginning of the installation of each component, you might be asked to complete multiple pre-check actions. Completing these actions helps to ensure the proper installation of the component.