Special cases for manually installing the extensions

Installing the extensions and daemons was automated as part of the HCL Docs and File Viewer extension installation process since HCL Connections Docs 1.0.6. However, because the extensions and daemons must be installed on a server with access to the IBM® Connections shared directory (where the provisions directory is located), there are some scenarios in which you must manually install the HCL Docs and File Viewer extensions and daemons, instead of relying on our script-based install to deploy these components.

About this task

There are a couple of reasons that the HCL Docs extensions might need to be manually installed:
  • The operating system supports a later version of Python than the version installed, or does not support Python.
  • The operating system does not support the scripts used for the installation.

In such environments, you must complete the steps in the following topics to install the extensions.