Applying tagging and rating scopes to web content | HCL Digital Experience

Scoping is typically used to filter the tag cloud or ratings overview according to hierarchical metadata attached to the resources that are being tagged. When you apply tagging and rating to web content, you can scope these display components according to authoring template, category, or content item parent.

About this task

You can configure the advanced settings of the web content viewer to limit results to show only tags or ratings that are associated with one or more of the following scopes:
  • The parent of the content item that is being displayed (for example, a site area).
  • The authoring template that is used to generate the content item or site area that is being displayed.
  • The categories that are used to profile the content item that is being displayed. In this way, you can manage scopes from within your web content system by defining taxonomies for your content items.