The social network information table | HCL Digital Experience

When you create a content item by using a content authoring template that is mapped to a social network configuration document, an element that is named Social Network Information is displayed on the content item.

  • To post information about the content item to a specific social network, click Post and select the social network of choice.
  • To post information about the content item to all social networks, click Post to All.
  • When posted, information about the social media is listed next to each active social media post. You can refresh this list by using the Refresh Statistics action.
  • You can stop receiving information about the social media post by clicking the Untrack action.
    Note: When you stop tracking an item, you cannot go back and track the item from the time it was published. All your old tracking data is lost. You might not be able to post to social media again as the new post can be considered as duplicate content.
  • If you have view access to social configuration documents, you use the View configuration action to display the configuration document for a social network.
  • Click Delete to delete a post from the social network altogether.