Configuring the reserved authoring portlet | HCL Digital Experience

The reserved authoring portlet is essential to the proper operation of web content pages and the web content viewer, so it is important that the configuration of the reserved authoring portlet is similar to the configuration of other instances of the authoring portlet.


  1. Log in to the portal as an administrator.
  2. To open the Manage Pages portlet, click the Administration menu icon. Then, click Portal User Interface > Manage Pages.
  3. Search for the page with the unique name of
  4. Click the Edit Page Layout icon for the page.
  5. Select Edit shared settings from the portlet menu, and specify any settings for the reserved authoring portlet. The available settings and the process for updating them is the same for the reserved authoring portlet as it is for any other instance of the authoring portlet.
    Note: Changes made to the reserved authoring portlet with the Edit shared settings mode affect only the reserved authoring portlet and no other instances of the authoring portlet. To ensure a consistent authoring experience, you can make the same changes to other authoring portlet instances by using the Edit shared settings mode for each instance. Alternatively, you can make the same changes to every instance of the authoring portlet by using the Configure mode from a single instance. Changes that you make in the Configure mode also affect the reserved authoring portlet.
  6. Save your changes.