Configuring a page with lists of social objects for Tag Cloud support | HCL Digital Experience

Learn how to enable Tag Cloud portlet support on your portal page. You can enable Tag Cloud support if you are using a default portal theme profile or a custom portal theme profile.


  • If you are using default portal theme profiles within your portal installation, complete the following steps to enable Tag Cloud portlet support on your portal page:
    1. Locate the page in the Manage pages portlet.
    2. Click Edit Page Properties for the specific page.
    3. Click Advanced options.
    4. Click I want to set parameters.
    5. Add the new parameter resourceaggregation.profile with the value set as the profile override for the specific page.
      For example, profiles/profile_search_tag.json.
      Note: The search_tag theme profile is a hidden profile, therefore it cannot be selected in the theme profile drop-down list. This profile needs to be set manually.
    6. Click Add.
    7. Click OK to save the new parameter.
    8. Click OK to save your changes to the page properties.
  • If you are using a custom theme, complete the following steps to enable Tag Cloud support on your portal page:
    1. Verify that your page inherits the default portal theme or a custom theme that supports the default theme profiles.
    2. Locate the theme profile definition file by using WebDAV. For more information about accessing theme profile definition files, see Profile schema definition in the related links.
    3. Open your theme profile JSON file and add the following lines to the moduleIDs JSON array:
      Note: If one or more of the following theme modules are already in the list of moduleIDs, you do not have to add them again.
      • wp_pagebuilder_ui
      • wp_tagging_rating_tagcloud
      • dojo
    4. Save your changes and restart your portal server.