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The RatingEvent class is used to access the data logged with a Rating bean.

public class com.ibm.wcp.analysis.event.RatingEvent extends com.ibm.wcp.analysis.event.LogEvent
                                                    implements Serializable
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Table 1. Method summary
Method Explanation
public RatingEvent( HttpServletRequest request,
                    ResourceInfo       resourceInfo,
                    int                rating )
public ResourceInfo getResourceInfo( )
Returns the resource that is the target of the current rating. The resource object returned contains the collection name and resource id.
public void setResourceInfo( ResourceInfo resourceInfo )
Sets the resource information for this rating event. Can be used by custom listeners to replace the resource information for this rating.
public int getRating( )
Returns the rating as an integer value. The value can be any valid integer as defined by the Web application implementor.
public void setRating( int rating )
Sets the rating for this event. Can be used by custom listeners to replace the rating in this event.
public String toString( )
Returns a String representation of this event.