Maximum transactions a user needs before becoming a mentor

Learn how to set the maximum number of transactions for a user to become a mentor in your LikeMinds engine.

The following setting specifies the maximum number of transactions a user can have before becoming a mentor. The sifter uses this setting if the Purchase or Clickstream Engine is using that mentor set. You can specify the value as one of the following:
  • A percentage of the total number of items in the database. For example:
    <mentor_set_name>.max_mentor_xactions = 75%
  • The maximum number of transactions (that is, without a percentage). For example:
    <mentor_set_name>.max_mentor_xactions = 18
Use the following guidelines for setting <mentor_set_name>.max_mentor_transactions
Table 1. Guidelines for Setting the Maximum Transactions
Total Number of Items in Database Suggested Setting
< 1000 <= 100
1000–5000 <=500
5000–10,000 <= 1500
10,000+ <= 1500