Default Clickstream Engine recommendations

The Clickstream Engine uses transaction data stored with a special user to generate default predictions. The buildstats utility generates clickstream transaction data, based on the transaction set named in the db.applic.transaction.source parameter. This transaction data is a summary of all clickstream transaction data for users, based on transaction data from all configured transaction sets. buildstats, the LikeMinds server, and other utilities identify the special user as one whose Lps_User_Data mentor_type field is set to "z". There should be exactly one user with this setting, not more. buildstats will automatically generate this user if custom IDs are not configured; otherwise, you need to create the user by hand, since buildstats cannot know what restrictions apply to the custom IDs.

Run the buildstats utility on a regular basis. By default, the installer sets buildstats to run once a day. Some applications use their own business logic to assign the score to items. If you want to override the score field value to use your application's scoring instead, run buildstats using the -noscore argument.