Operating systems considerations | HCL Digital Experience

There might be cases where you upgrade not just to a newer version of HCL Digital Experience but also to a different operating system version. In that case, there might be a different set of system requirements and considerations to keep in mind.

Important: Migrating between platforms (for example, migrating from Windows to Linux) is not supported.
Use the following list as a starting point.
  • Review the supported migration paths.
  • Review the system requirements for your new environment to make sure that you are migrating to a fully supported environment.
  • Ensure that you applied all necessary fixes in preparation for migration.
  • Get a complete understanding of the differences between the source and target environments. The following questions will help you get started.
    • Overall system administration. Are there any monitoring or administering tools in use today that might not work on the new environment?
    • Operating system security. Is there any security polices in effect that would require being ported to the new environment?
    • Will HCL Digital Experience security implementation be any different?
    • File system. Will the files be placed in a different directory structure? Will those files require special permissions to run?